How To Create New Business Ideas Based On What You Love

Christopher Sherrod
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A simple step by step guide to creating new business ideas based on what you love.

How To Create Business Ideas is a step-by-step guide to creating new business ideas based on what you love. Inside you'll play games that will create a business that you'll love because it's based on what you love.

The author Christopher Sherrod had difficulty getting a business to work until he did one based on what he loved to do. These games helped him figure out what to do.

“Wonderful non-judgmental setting for safe brainstorming and masterminding. The group energy is loving and upbeat. A delightful evening of creativity, support and sharing.”

Joe Vitale, Wimberley, TX –

“Playing Prosperity games was a truly inspiring experience! Not only was it a ton of fun, it was also incredibly powerful. Ideas I NEVER would have conceived of came out and the process was easy. I had as much fun helping others brainstorm their ideas, as I did creating over 5 new ones myself! Play now!”

Nan Akasha -

Below are the areas Christopher cover in his book:

1. The Play Prosperity Games Steps

2. How to explore your world for ideas that are all around you

3. Cleansing techniques to make yourself open to the perfect idea

4. Banking your ideas and how to rank them and pick the perfect one to do

5. 26 games to create the next million dollar+ idea including Prosperity Scramble, Internet Keywords Match, Bookstore Browsing, Friends Complaining, Asking, Indexes, Mind Maps, Brainstorming, Mastermind Groups, Dinner Parties (a lot of fun too), Reverse Scramble, Attribute Listing, Dividing, SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Magnify, Modify, Put To Other Uses, Eliminate, Rearrange, Reverse), Parameter Box, 5 Year Plan, Board of Directors, Talk to Strangers, Relaxing , End Game, Murder Board, and Opus

6. Plus a special bonus for readers

Christopher Sherrod provides you the keys to unlock your truly passionate business in How To Create New Business Ideas.

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